As if in a Dream ...

Dreams never hurt you.

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" Madness; is all that I have. The only who get me closer to the power and the knowledge "
" I am a versatil human being; who has humor changes and is lacking of passion "

As you can see, sorrowfully I am a human being. I don´t like myself but i am sure that i do not want to be another person.

I don´t own many passions in the life, so the few that i can count are: sleep, listen to music, the love of my life and soulmate "FUYU-SENPAI", read and write.

I have lots of bad habits, I bite my nails.
I have many disorders: Anxiety, attention deficit, sleep disorders, a funny combination! *sarcasm*
Vices: Is something in my life which does not conceive my existence; The cigar has lately become something invaluable.

I love: Rainy days, the stars, the dreams, fuyu.

I like to be sad >No, I am not an emo < I feel good i that mood.

My hobby is to cheat people; Not in a bad way: I just pretend that I am the most balanced person who they know. This is not my entire fault: I mean people tend to make judgments of other people just because they see them in a way the most of the time.
So they assume something and I do not have the heart to deny it ha, ha, ha! *sarcasm*

I hate: the milk, the clowns, the sun, the noise, the

That is the way that i am: whitout lies, or smiles in the middle =)

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